If you want to do good or you are simply enthusiastic about my type of coaching, then I look forward to your support.
Best regards Markus

Special Tip · Akram Vignan

Gnan Vidhi 2021 | The stepless path to self-realization – absolutely unique and free.
It is highly recommended to attend the regular introductory meetings on Zoom for those interested.

Couple counseling • Marriage counseling
Goodbye to lovesickness

I can support you to uncover your main relationship issues, help you find ways to solve them and discover the love for each other again. I can also show you ways through your grief and sadness should a path together no longer be possible.
240 € für 2 hours of coaching

Personal Trainer Spirituality

You will gain immediate access to my overall knowledge and thus receive the wisdom and confidence to cope with all topics relevant to you and your life. This will increase your self-awareness and self-worth. Our inner light wants to be recognized and lived. As a personal trainer, I will accompany you to achieve your goals and feel more comfortable. This guidance will allow you to let yourself go and give you the necessary back up that you are not alone. I would say that life is about growing with your tasks. There may be missing answers to certain questions, such as ‘WHY is this or that happening?’ Rather often, you are not able to find feasible solutions, which may open you up to a variety of fears and inhibitions.
5400 € full year coaching
€ half year coaching

Manifestation of your heart’s desires

Law of attraction is the foundation of everything in this world. We attract what we feel and think. Thoughts are the result of what we feel. Have you ever observed and experienced that yourself? We feel great when we are in love or achieve something special. What is the consequence? Good thoughts…

By getting back in touch with your essence, your heart and your soul, most problematic situations are solved. I will show you how to fully connect to your inner truth and power. From there you will be able to achieve everything you want. If you know the movie “The Secret”, you know what I mean.

240 € 2 hours of coaching

QC – Quantum clearing

Quantum healing is extremely simple and effective. The healing energy for a special topic or physical complaints flows through me into your system in order to bring it back into alignment. Let us take a lack-consciousness as an example. At the time of the healing all possible causes will be transformed into abundance, prosperity, love and trust.

Whoever understands the law of attraction knows that it will improve the overall living conditions. Negative feelings are healed, new opportunities and ideas arise and can now be manifested.

60 € per hour


I am a medium and I have the gift to channel your pure soul or that of a loved one. Knowing and recognizing your absolute inner truth helps you to let go of all worries and fears more easily and to start over or to find strength along your path …
150 € per hour


In order to be able to interpret your astrological birth chart, I need your date of birth, exact time and place of birth. Once we have the chart, we can look at all your strengths and weaknesses in more detail, which are the foundation of your current situation.
I can support you with possible solutions that will help you get started more easily…
540 € complete view of your life – including written Analysis of your birth horoskope or one of your Choice.
Alternative 60 € per hour

Special card decks

As a medium and clairvoyant, I usually do not need any cards to give you the correct tips and answers. On certain occasions, I do find them helpful. They offer the questioner a clearer answer in form of pictures and messages.
30 € pro Legung

EFT tapping technique

There are meridian- and acupressure points all over our body, which can be responsible for several health issues. If these points are blocked you may feel uncomfortable, sad or even depressed. The EFT tapping technique is supportive in resolving fears and worries. It helps to integrate those issues and thus dissolve bad feelings. Suppressed Feelings can build up and cause serious harm to your body. This is usually the starting point of a downward spiral that can trigger diseases in the end. Ignoring bad feelings can damage your psyche and thus also the body. Therefore, the EFT tapping technique is a good solution to such process feelings.
30 € per hour

Healing numbers

Healing numbers are one of the easiest ways to manifest something in your life. I have the right healing numbers for almost all topics. Most of them are also easily available on the Internet.
30 € per number and declaration of application

Health tips

I am also very knowledgeable in regards to nutrition … Just contact me!
60 €  per hour (Of course, this does not replace a visit to the doctor. It is only used as a supplement)


Meditation is a great key to center yourself. I can offer my guidance or refer you to a Zen monastery near us, which works on donation basis only. Once your thoughts are switched off, the relevant answers arise from within … That is great, isn’t it?
No costs at all.


Everyone has the opportunity to ascension. Those opportunities really exist. I am one of them.